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Last month Telegram announced a new design contest for developers from around the world. Their purpose has been to spice up the interest of some clever minds and give them a platform to showcase their fresh design and coding ideas, with the added benefit of giving them prizes and hiring them later down the line. The latter is perhaps, mostly applicable for winners who are good enough to pass all stages of the contest and prove themselves to be worthy, though job opportunities by other companies may come up too.

March Contest

So, the March contest's winners for Android were announced over the past week. The original goal was to develop a fast and easy to use software for displaying charts in either JavaScript, Android Java or iOS Swift, with a sample data originally provided by Telegram. Included were sections for profile/channel/group activities and based on this information, there is a great chance that we will see such a feature implemented into the official clients of the messaging service shortly.

The winner of the March Android Contest is @thankyou2 who has received $50,000 as a gift. Looks like his app has been the only one to comply 100% with the published design guidelines and has been the best performer in terms of reliability and speed even on older Android devices. His sample APK, including apps from other winners, were all posted on the Telegram Contests channel, which you can test if you wish.

Note that Stage 2 of the contest is running at the moment and submissions will end on April 15. For more details, click here, but in a nutshell, this time the goal is to build five graphs in total, in addition to line charts developed in Stage 1, three new chart types are required: line charts with 2 Y axes, bar charts and percentage stacked area charts

Source: Telegram

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