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The Telegram app comes with many changes and additions since v 4.8.0, but first, let's see what's new in these releases. Here a some of the highlights we picked up with some features discovered by us.

What's new?


  • Telegram Passport
  • 'Mark as read' notification shortcut
  • More themeable elements like the attachments panel


  • Fixed Vivo Nex's pop-up camera bug
  • Monospace text formatting with a custom copy paste menu for MIUI, EMUI and such


  • Chat previews
  • Mark as read or unread by holding your finger on a chat in the chats list
  • Revamped Privacy Policy and Terms of Service page for all new users
  • Go back to the top in the chats list by tapping the action bar
  • Listen to voice and video messages in 2X mode
  • Replace media when editing messages
  • Cancel sending messages before they are sent


  • Search for stickers
  • Multi-shot sending


  • Fixed badge counter for Nova Launcher

You can always check the history of Telegram app changelogs on TestingCatalog 📆

Telegram Passport is a unified authorization method for services that require personal identification. It's protected by End-to-End encryption so it's very very secure. It's being stored on Telegram's servers, but because of the encryption method used, even they can't decrypt it. You can log in to sites just like you've been doing it using your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google accounts. The full description can be found in the Telegram blog post.

Also, they are introducing the famous 'Mark as read' button earlier than WhatsApp. It's planned to come later this year to all WhatsApp users, but Telegram made it official in v4.9.0. By using it you can mark messages as read directly from the notifications panel or the head-up notifications for incoming messages.

Chat previews were also added in v4.8.10 plus some other small extras we mentioned earlier.

Many bugs have been fixed like the camera pop-up issue for Vivo's popular bezel-less Nex phone and the badge counter issue with Nova Launcher.

You can now replace media files and cancel sending messages. That's very neat.

Other than that, it looks like we can now theme the attachments panel. If you like my Black and Teal theme from the screenshots, you can get it from here.

Overall, these are very good improvements to an already great app.

If you want to know how to access beta build, check our guide about How to become a beta tester for Telegram.

Don't forget to mention any thoughts about the theme and what do you think about the changes from v4.8.0 to v4.9.0 on Telegram.

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