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Telegram's new suite of updates for their messaging clients for all major operating systems, including our favorite Android, have been made public this week. Included are lots of cool new features that everyone would fancy, minor design changes and refinements, and much more stuff we will share with you. Just keep reading.


  • Global permissions for groups. Restrict all members in any group from posting certain types of content.
  • Unified group settings. Make groups public, set admins with granular permissions and toggle persistent history in any group.
  • Undo deleting chats and clearing chat history within 5 seconds. Detailed confirmation dialogs when deleting chats.
  • New sorting options in Contacts: by name or by last seen time.
  • New animations when uploading and downloading media.

Revised group permissions UI

If you are a chat admin and you have always wanted a chat thread of messages with no silly stickers or GIFs, you have got lucky. Telegram v5.2.1 offers simplified UI for group preferences and member lists and granular settings for admins to restrict users from posting specific types of content, e.g. stickers, GIFs, links, polls, media, or anything at all. While admins continue chatting with each other, non-admins will have to just watch.

Double the limit for groups

Telegram groups as of now support up to 200,000 members and supergroups and basic groups are simply called groups. As a bonus, making any group public has been made extremely easy.

Undo deleting chats

Gone are the days of accidentally deleting chats that pack important information. Telegram shows a small banner at the bottom of the screen that counts for 5 seconds and gives you the chance to undo this operation by tapping on it.

Sorting options for contacts

You can view your contacts sorted by the last time of activity or either alphabetically with the added toggle in the action bar.

Prettier animations

And at last, other enhancements that come with this release are nicer animations for downloading media and blurred thumbnails when loading images.

For additional information about what is new, you can visit Telegram's blog, linked below. Also, make sure to join our channel for all things Telegram and be always up-to-date.

Via: Telegram Blog

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