Telegram Beta - Pure instant messaging Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

I recently discovered a Telegram App unique features list made by one of Telegram App beta testers. Thanks to @SajilCK

This list is the reason why you may want to consider to use a Normal Telegram App over Telegram X client. I found it a quite interesting to read and I want to share it here.

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  1. Languages (Localisations)
  2. Video streaming
  3. Raise to speak/raise to listen
  4. Share (External share)
  5. Masks in the photo editor
  6. Smart notifications/rich notifications settings (for groups & channels)
  7. Bot payments
  8. Group stickers
  9. Sticker panel expansion
  10. Profile picture crop
  11. Floating avatars
  12. Search messages from a specific member in groups
  13. Restriction warning on message input field (when the user is restricted to send messages)
  14. Discard warning for voice/video recording
  15. Video compression module/editor
  16. Show the list of owned username when the limit is reached
  17. PiP outside the app
  18. Instant view -> copy/font/theme/channel header/IV links inside IV
  19. Ban from recent actions
  20. Copy from recent actions
  21. Save to gallery (to automatically save all pictures/videos to the gallery)
  22. Chat shortcuts (on the home screen)
  23. Play/pause visible button on the in-app video player
  24. Automatic authentication call at login (2 Minutes after SMS code request)
  25. Fingerprint unlock fallback (unlock the app with pin/passcode on fingerprint scanner failure)
  26. Google Assistant support for sending messages
  27. Tablet UI
  28. Custom sound for notifications
  29. Custom themes
  30. Invite friends ('X number' of contacts on Telegram)
  31. Username in sticker packs are not clickable
  32. Focus on in-app camera
  33. Search for stickers
  34. Multi-shot sending
  35. Dynamic unread counter
  36. Account reset link (tg://confirmphone?phone=12345678900&hash=dd3686b60jk10e0clk)
  37. Recent files not shown in Attach->Files
  38. Can't delete inline bot suggestion
  39. Search images on the web from Attach->Gallery (Current implementation will take you to @pic or @bing inlinebot)
  40. Video sharing from the external app not letting to mute or put a timer


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