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The latest Telegram update, version 5.6.0, is out in the wild and brings one so much requested feature - Archived Chats. Besides, the whole user interface design has got a fresh coat of paint, including further usability improvements.

Archived Chats

Earlier confirmed by Pavel Durov, Telegram's founder, in a Twitter comment, archived chats have finally made their way to the Android app. Thankfully, you can now easily declutter your chats list by archiving lousy chats, past ones, etc. With a left swipe, a chat is immediately transferred to the archived chats folder. Note that archived chats are always accessible from the top of the main page and are also hideable from there with the same gesture.

Bulk actions in the chats list

If you are busy and do not have even a second to waste, with bulk actions for chats you have the option to pin, mute, archive, and delete multiple chats, all at once.

New design

From the app icon to the in-app menus, Telegram indeed looks so much sleeker. The app icon now works better with Android's adaptive icons and, in addition to that, toolbars have their own icons and round corners.

Expanded chats

Selecting the Three lines option in the Chat Settings menu gives you the freedom of seeing more text for messages in your chats list.

Full-screen share menu

The new share menu fits more people, so sharing with a large gang is a lot more convenient.

Dots for online users

You can see with just a glance at the chats list when someone is online.


In the newest 5.6.1 beta, there is support for animated stickers. Here is a demo by Telegram Beta.

Of course, there are many other small features and changes in that we could not include, thus, make sure to read the official Telegram blog post for this release for further details.

Source: Telegram Blog

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