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Telegram's 5.15.0 build is now shipping officially on the Google Play Store with a multitude of feature additions and other noteworthy enhancements.

Redesigned profile pages

The design team has made the decision to shift to a tabbed approach for things such as files, group members, etc. in all profile sections, making navigation much much more intuitive. It is definitely easier to get ahold of information just at a glance too.

People Nearby 2.0

The second iteration of People Nearby adds a "Make Myself Visible" option, so meeting friends from around is - simply put - effortless.

Animated emojis

As a Valentine's Day special we do get Telegram's signature menu icon redesign for this festival as well.

Tap to skip media

This update enables tapping on the sides of the screen as an alternative way of going through photos/videos. Say goodbye to fingerprints and smudges on your screen!

Improved contact picker

Instead of a full-screen contact picker, in version 5.15, we have a modern and sleek bottom sheet menu.

Logging in with a QR code

The login via QR code feature is finally broadly available on all platforms, including Android. See Settings - Devices.

Hidden keyboard animation option

"Smooth keyboard" is a hidden option, accessible by long-pressing the app build info in Telegram's settings. Switching it on activates a nice slide-up animation for UI elements in chats upon showing up the keyboard.

New beta link

Due to Microsoft's acquisition of HockeyApp, applications on the testing/development platform had to switch to the new App Center. And after a long wait with no official news about it, we do have a link for Telegram Beta on App Center.

With each and every release, Telegram is shaping up to become the ultimate messaging and social media platform, news source, cloud storage service, and more - all combined. The best thing about it, maybe, is that it is completely free. Let us know if you agree.

Source: Telegram Blog

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