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The Swiftkey app, now part of the large collection of Microsoft apps, is one of the most preferred keyboards among Android users due to the great typing experience it offers and its unmatched prediction capabilities. In version of Swiftkey Beta lands a deeper integration with MS services, with Bing as a search engine that is part of the keyboard and Edge as a browser for showing search results, and a lot more. This feature is similar to how you can search on Google with Gboard, but, of course, with some small differences after all.


Introducing Search, the fastest way to find and share anything from Bing without leaving SwiftKey. Quickly capture, crop and send a screenshot or share the URL.

  • New Arabic Layout
  • Jawi script layout for Malay
  • New Pinyin 12-key layout
  • You can now type in: msa_MY: Malay (Jawi): بهاس ملايو (جاوي)


  • General Accessibility improvements

To search on Bing from the keyboard, just touch the '+' button at the top row and you will see the search bar. You can also take screenshots of the browser pop-up screen with search results, crop them and send them directly, without leaving the current app you are in. For your convenience, included is also a button for sharing the URL of the web page you are browsing in, and if you happen to have Edge installed, you get options to add URLs as bookmarks and open any web page in Edge from the same pop-up.

Other things included in this update are new keyboard layouts for Arabic, Malay (Jawi script layout) and Pinyin (12-key layout) and support for typing in Malay (Jawi).

If you are a fan of Swiftkey, you can now make a better use of your keyboard with the new search feature we mentioned above and save a lot of your precious time for something else. Happy testing!

  • SwiftKey Keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically learn your writing style, including the emoji you love to use (if you use emoji), the words that matter to you and how you like to type
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