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Microsoft's SwiftKey keyboard amazes everyone with its advanced prediction system and broad feature set. Its Android counterpart is available as separate stable and beta apps on the Google Play Store, with the former appealing more so to regular users, while the latter is meant especially for us geeks. Speaking of betas, the latest one for SwiftKey is up and adds a much more enhanced way of resizing the keyboard window, but before going into too much detail, first, let's go through the release notes posted for version (What a long build number, huh?)


  • We are introducing a new way to resize your SwiftKey Keyboard. Simply drag the boundary boxes to resize and move your SwiftKey Keyboard just how you want it. Try it out now from your Toolbar > Settings > Size.
  • We’ve fixed a bug on Samsung devices that resulted in an empty floating keyboard.

New UI

So, the radical changes to the way resizing the SwiftKey keyboard works between the current up-to-date stable version versus the beta can easily be spotted right away. From the included screenshots you can see that in the latest beta you can fine-tune the keyboard's height, width as well as its placement, everywhere but in the bottom half of the screen. Perhaps, if you are a leftie, you can set it as you like for the most comfortable typing experience ever. Hopefully, this one comes out to the stable release ASAP, and maybe in Gboard too.

All of the aforementioned settings can be adjusted by opening up the SwiftKey Beta app from your app drawer, entering the 'Typing' section and choosing the 'Resize' option. The next part is pretty much self-explanatory.

Old UI

Besides, there is a fix for the empty floating keyboard issue plaguing exclusively Samsung devices in v7.2.6.24, which you can get from the links below.

Source: Google Play

  • SwiftKey Keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically learn your writing style, including the emoji you love to use (if you use emoji), the words that matter to you and how you like to type
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