Spotify - Free Music Streaming Beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

The recent reverse-engineering session by @wongmjane revealed new features for the Spotify app for Android. We don't know which app version was used for that but we can assume that it was the recent version from 21 of November.

None of these changes is available yet to the public (unless Spotify triggered a new A/B testing wave for the limited amount of users).

Let's check these changes from the UX and product perspectives!

Here is the full list of newly revealed changes:

[Podcasts] Spotify is testing "Saved for later" for Podcast episodes.

Similar to text articles, users should be able to listen to podcasts later too. The new feature adds a "+" button to the episodes list which allows the user to mark episodes as saved. This feature also implies a new "Saved for later" view where the user can find all saved episodes.

[Podcasts] Spotify is testing to declutter Podcast episode menus, separates episode description into a separate screen.

Having a podcast description and episode description at the same place may be confusing. This usability improvement supposes to solve this issue by moving episodes description to the separate screen.

[UI redesign] Spotify is testing redesigned Library view, turning Favorite Songs into a playlist.

"Your library" tab switches from the list menu into the tabs navigation menu. The number of sections in the view decreased from 8 to 4, according to available screenshots. It is also possible that tab navigation is scrollable to the left and all other subsections can be found there. The main advantage of this change is that the user has a direct access to the UI inside these subsections without obligation to open them. Tab navigation menus usually can decrease the number of clicks required for the user to get to the certain functionality.

[UI redesign] Spotify is testing redesigned album view.

The album picture moved to the centre of the screen while the whole view gets a top bar with "Album" header on it. Apart from that, "Star" icon was changed to the "Heart" icon. The nav header makes the user a bit more aware of his location inside the app UI. It seems that UI similarity is one of the problems which Spotify is trying to address.

[Import] Spotify is testing "Import your music" directly from your Android device.

This feature is probably one of the most awaited because it allows users to combine Spotify music with their local libraries. This feature can make Spotify a fully featured music player app. Apart from that, this change closes a feature gap between Spotify and Google Play Music.

[Search] Spotify is testing filtering Music/Podcasts in Search.

This feature adds quick filters to the search functionality which can help users to browse through their music and podcast libraries easily.

The functionality of the Spotify app grows every month and it looks like Spotify engineers are addressing UI issues one by one. It is not just a music streaming app anymore, it is also a podcast player and a music player too. Keeping existing users with the habitual interface and onboarding new users by offering them new features might be a tricky task.

Do you use Spotify or any other music streaming apps? If yes, do you use torrents?

Screenshots: @wongmjane

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