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Snapchat released some time ago a new feature for its users to test named Snappables. Snappables are interactive games, with a total number of five available right now.

Changelog from Google Play

What’s New

Start a rock band with friends, fight aliens and more. New Snappables are added every week! Tap your face to activate Lenses, then select a Snappable on the left side of the camera button.

So, let me give you my two cents for each of them.

  1. "ODD ONE OUT" - To be honest, I don't get this one! It just shows in a grid whatever it sees with the camera, and if it is a person, then it adds glasses or bunny ears. Maybe someone can explain it to me?

  2. "DRAW IT" - You have to show off your drawing skills, and I am guessing that your friends may also need to draw the same thing to compete.

  3. "TRUTH OR DARE" - One word - good.

  4. "TIC TAC TOE" - Tapping on a box reveals you, but with dog ears. How funny!

  5. "WOULD YOU RATHER" - This in kind of nice. It asks you to select one of the two given options.

Also, to access them, scan your face and you will see the games on the left side of the shutter button.

Looks like Snap.Inc has hit rock bottom in terms of innovation because these games are mostly useless. They may attract some of the younger generations of users, but that is it. Tell us your thoughts, and bye for now!

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