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After the slow, but inevitable fall of Snapchat, the company behind is still trying to innovate and keep it alive in the social media space, but the competition from the likes of Instagram and Facebook is very very strong.

Snap Originals

The new Snap Originals series, launched this month, aims to challenge Instagram's IGTV platform. It lets you watch shows from selected personas - "some of the world’s greatest storytellers", and with genres such as comedy, horror, reality docu-series, and more. There are already a handful of shows released, which you can learn more about from the Snap Originals webpage.

Snap Originals is available for all users inside the Snapchat app in the Discover screen by swiping left from the main camera UI. The version of the app you should be looking for is from November 1, already rolling out on the Play Store.

Cat Lenses

Meanwhile, this version includes yet another pack of lenses - Cat Lenses to be exact, that no one asked for... They are not available on my device as of now, so I personally cannot comment more on them.

May Snap Originals be the push needed for Snapchat's comeback? Tell us your opinions and keep testing!

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