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While Snap Inc. works on the revamped version of Snapchat, they are continuously adding some new features. As you know, the core principle of the platform is disappearing content. Some of them have default time limits before going away, but the messages were inaccessible once read.

The latest change which is rolling out, starting today, is the 24-hour availability of chats. Yeah, your messages will disappear after a day, but here is the caveat - you will have to manually enable it for individual chats. Basically, you need to tap on the menu button in a chat page, select 'Delete Chats...' and choose whichever option you want. I guess, most of you will not want their messages to go away instantly and this is why I would wish for a setting to choose the default behavior for all chats. On a side note, this isn't available in the alpha version for now, which is a huge bummer.

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