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Smart Launcher provides the most unusual launcher experience for Android. It is so different, but at the same time quite refreshing. The developer team behind has been working hard on the next major release - version 5.2. With this one, they are focusing on adding further customization options as well as improving the UI. There are other things, of course, so without wasting any of your time, let's see what is new in this update.

Old launcher UI


  • Modular page system
  • News page
  • Redesigned menus
  • New tools to find malware and suspicious apps

Modular page system

The modular page system, in particular, enables users to hide entire homescreen pages, re-arrange them freely and personalize each from the same menu. To access it, enter the Page manager section in Smart Launcher's settings.

News page

Performing a swipe down action across all pages on the homescreen gets you to the new News page. You can browse the hottest news articles on the main page, or do so by category by selecting the one you prefer from the bottom tab bar. Included is an option to unfollow and follow categories, so, let's say you do not like sports, then after unfollowing this category, you will not see any sports-related news ever again.

Redesigned menus

All menus in the app have been redesigned. There is now a bolder font used and in some places like the settings, there are delightful new icons. This updated look gives the app more of a modern style while still managing to maintain a relatively simplistic UI/UX.

Tools for finding malware and suspicious apps

Version 5.2 features an integrated antimalware security measure, so whether you have a malicious application on your Android devices, you can do a scan and find out. This new option can be found in Preferences - Smart Fix - Suspicious advertisement / Not launchable apps.

New launcher UI

These are all of the changes in the upcoming 5.2 release of Smart Launcher - it is quite an upgrade over version 5.1. Make sure to enter beta testing to try out all of the new features we mentioned in this report. Also, stay tuned to TestingCatalog for our daily update reports and so much more.

Source: Google Play

  • Simple, Light, Fast is the slogan of Smart Launcher, the innovative custom launcher that has been selected by Google as one of the best app on Play Store during January 2016
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