Silph Road Beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

If you are a Pokemon Go player, you have probably heard about the Silph Road project - a Reddit community of players who are doing Game Researches, APK Teardowns, Nests Trackings and many other different things.

In June 2018 they launched a public beta of their Android app. It's not a native app but works a lot better than many other non-native ones I have tried. The app has a limited set of features for now, compared to their website. They already have Nest atlas with Reporting, News section, Travelers Card, Handshakes and Meetup checkings.

One of the cooler features of this app is the Traveler card with information about you as a trainer and badges, which you can earn by completing different tasks (like visiting a community day for example).

Here is the latest changelog:

What’s New

Exciting new increments released today! You can now view each badge in all it's glory by clicking on it from your Travelers Card. If you've managed to snag the July Community Day badge you can also pick which of the two variants you'd like - Squirtle Squad or Shiny Blastoise! Finally, we've included a few updates to help resolve crashes when trying to generate a handshake code. This is just a small taste of the updates to come - thanks for helping test out the Public Beta of the Silph Road App!

This update went out close to the Juli community day where you could earn a Squirtle badge by checking in with your community. Normally it could be done via the website but if you will be checked in by this app, you will get a UNIQUE sunglasses Squirtle badge.

In this update, they also added an option to view the details about your current badges by clicking on them. Additionally, now you can swap the badge picture right away in the app if it has two variants.


  • The app crashes after switching the badge picture and tapping on it from the Trainer card.
  • Layouts - It looks like badges clickable layout is a bit shifted down on my Pixel 2 XL. Not all badges can be opened after clicking on them, and sometimes you have to click on the top row badge in order to open the one from the second row.
  • Cached Data - Sometimes, after resuming the app it shows a gray screen (Sometimes it shows an infinite loading animation). This is mostly happening in the Traveler card section. Sometimes it's enough to kill the app, but sometimes it doesn't help and you have to clear the app cache. This issue was also happening in the previous version.


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