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Privacy-centric messaging app Signal has a new beta update ready for all of you to try. The latest Play Store release for early adopters with version number 4.37.0 has been pushed out with some nice improvements and no character limit for messages, but more on that in a bit. As usual, let's go through the list with changes and afterward proceed with our detailed feature analysis.

What’s new

★ Swipe up while recording a voice note and give your thumb a rest.

★ Send long messages. We could use the entire 500-character limit that Google Play graciously provides to Android developers for the 'What's New' section of each app update and do some meta thing where we talk about the numerous benefits of being able to use a lot of text to say something when using a few words just is not enough, but a character limit isn't very fun (which is why we eliminated ours).

★ We fixed several MMS bugs.

Continuous voice note recording

Yep, Signal has also added this feature, but previously we have seen it on Telegram, which the former is based on. To make the recording go with no interruption, just swipe up after you press for a short period of time the microphone button. It is pretty darn simple, isn't it?

Limitless messaging

By limitless, I mean that you can send messages with as many characters as you want. To view the complete text for such long messages, a 'Read More' button has been included too. Interestingly, hitting it takes you to a full-screen page where you can read those lengthy texts comfortably.

Final words

This update, just like most of them, packs a ton of fixes and more so MMS-related stuff. Plus, given that everyone hates limits, perhaps, Twitter's 280 character cap, we are glad to see the freedom of this kind being handed to us. Let us know your feelings about this topic in the comments or on our social media and stay glued to TestingCatalog for more extraordinary update news alike.

Source: Google Play

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