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There is a new player in the quite stale space of text editor apps for Android that is geared towards you notetakers, writers, editors, poets - basically, everyone who has to write down stuff daily, and especially if having support for the Markdown syntax is a priority for you.

Ruff is a joy to look at as it comes with a beautiful well-thought user interface design and is the winner of the 2019 edition of the Material Design Awards' Theming category. Not only looks, but it has all the necessary features to boot, perhaps, the usage of numerous gestures for UI navigation is enticing, e.g., swiping down to hide the keyboard. Moreover, it draws attention to its handy bottom sheet, which has all the text formatting tools that you'll ever need. Lastly, with a swipe to the right, you access the settings, where you get to toggle between the light, dark, and black theme options 'cause it's 2019 as well as many other things to tweak.

A few words on what's not so great about Ruff: The bar containing the text formatting tools is a tiny bit too tall, so it obscures the available writing space on the screen. And besides that, the app exports text files as .txt, and not .md.

Apart from features, etcetera, purchasing Ruff+ for only a couple of bucks lets you support the development of the app, along with the removal of ads, unlimited stashing (a special file saving mode), and enables scrolling on that darn pretty widget.

  • ruff is your pocket-sized best friend that aims to make writing on the go fun and sharing it fast & easy
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