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With its beautifully designed amazing user interface coupled with an over the top level of simplicity, Retro Music Player takes the crown for being one of the best music players for Android ever released.

To patch some nasty bugs and make the UI even prettier, a new update has been pushed out through the Google Play Store for everyone to quickly download and install. Below are the official release notes for Retro Music Player’s version 3.1.200, which we got from its Telegram channel that has been made solely for posting update-related stuff. You can join it by clicking the source link at the end of this report, but alas, we have got more for you before that.


  • Fixed a crash in the album tag editor when selecting options
  • Added a filter for songs by length
  • Favourites playlist icon matches the main accent color
  • Added colorful settings icons
  • Added rounded corners for dialogs

Filtering songs by duration

This is a pretty handy feature as it allows for setting a minimum duration for audio files to not exceed. It is great for hiding ringtones and such from your music library. To set your preferred limit, enter Retro’s settings and navigate to the ‘Other’ subpage. The exact label of the option you should be looking for is ‘Filter song duration’ as shown in our screenshots.

Favorites icon color

With this update and onwards the icon of the playlist with all of your favorite songs has been made match the accent color of the app, which you can change from the Look and feel section again in the settings.

Colorful settings icons

The settings of the app have gotten a visual refresh as there are new round and colorful icons that resemble Android 9 Pie’s settings, which I cannot explain how much I am in love with. I am looking forward to more design updates of this kind in other apps as well.

Rounded dialog corners

Another UI change comes to all dialog boxes and pop-up menus. They now have rounded corners.

This is it for this time folks. Rember to always hang around TestingCatalog for newer update insights and so much more.

Source: Telegram

  • It will become your favorite music player
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