Retro Music Player Beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

Retro Music Player is a popular open source music app for Android. It has 500k+ downloads on Google Play and a big community of beta testers. It is also popular for having a light UI design and following the latest material design guidelines.

The app has a bottom navigation bar which already became an industry standard. In the recent update, Retro Music Player got some minor changes to simplify the user experience even further.


Version 2.2.100

  • On library click on toolbar for accessing main options menu
  • On home click on toolbar for accessing search
  • BottomSheetDialog is now adaptable to screens
  • Removed colored navigation bar option
  • Swipe up gesture for now playing removed
  • Improved tablet UI and home screen by adding suggestions toggle banner issues
  • Improving lyrics page

One of them allows the user to open the main options menu by clicking on the toolbar from the library tab. Main options menu gives the user quick access to the settings button, Folders view, sleep timer setting and some secondary options. This menu is also located at the bottom of the app. The second one allows the user to open a search by clicking on the toolbar from the home screen.

By closer look, both changes allow the user to have an access to same features from every screen but via different buttons.

Many development decisions are based on the community feedback and frequent polls in the Telegram community.

Feel free to join it if you want to support Retro Music Player development. What music player are you using at that moment?

Source: Google Play

  • It will become your favorite music player
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