Retro Music Player Beta Community Report 📲 POCOPHONE F1

Possibly one of the best music players on Android - Retro Music - single-handedly beats to the punch most apps from the same category if we are strictly speaking of design. Now onto today's report, we've got a new update released to the app on the Play Store, which comes bundled with various bug fixes and even more eye-candy.

V3.4.850 release notes

  • Improved selection feedback effect (ripple with corners)
  • Added extra track info details to now playing themes
  • Added scroll animation
  • Added smooth transition animations 🤔
  • Added current playing tab options for Bottom Navigation View
  • Added search in genres
  • Fixed bugs & crashes
  • Fixed crashes with lyrics
  • Fixed genre details of the last song are under the mini player
  • Fixed issues with colors and font sizes

As you've read in the changelog, in version 3.4.850, we do get a nice ripple effect when selecting items (tracks, albums, etc.), a fling animation when you reach the end of a list, and some other animation tweaks.

A noteworthy feature addition comes to the now playing screen, and to be precise, an option for displaying additional metadata for audio files, like format, bitrate, and sample rate.

In our brief testing of the latest Retro Music release on our test device - the POCOPHONE F1, we spotted a glitch with pop-up menus getting permanently stuck on the screen and requiring an app restart to fix (see attached GIF).

For additional info, upcoming feature updates, and more, you can follow the official RetroMusic #change-log channel on Telegram.

  • It will become your favorite music player
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