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In the past month or so, many unreleased features and design changes about the Facebook app for Android were leaked. Allegedly, Zuckerberg's plans are to add a simple chatting section into the main app to provide a seamless messaging experience. For further actions like sending images, calls, reactions, etc. Messenger will still be required though. Other than that, here are some more leaks for you to get excited about.

  • A completely white splash screen
  • New header with a colored text logo and tab icons; collapses in all sections other than the Feed
  • Revamped 'Friends' page UI
  • New and more compact Stories tray design in the Feed
  • Dark Mode for the 'Watch' tab

  • 'Feed' to use side-scrolling for switching between posts

  • Story reactions similar to Messenger
  • Fundraising sticker for Stories
  • Photo/video previews in the built-in Gallery
  • Photo stickers in the Camera
  • Support for H.265 video uploads
  • DRM restrictions for playing copyrighted content on non-HDCP external monitors
  • Screen recording limitations for DRM content

  • 'Help Hub' - FAQ for Marketplace

  • 'Request Test Drive' option for scheduling test drives for car sales in Marketplace

  • 'Manage Groups' page for adjusting notification/pining/following/membership settings

  • Inviting people when creating a group to not be mandatory anymore

  • Additional context info for friend requests such as education and occupancy

  • Adding hobbies to your profile info
  • Auto-suggested emoji polls for posts (by Jamie Ahmed)
  • Instagram profile connecting to Facebook Dating

Those are our hand-picked unannounced changes that may come to the so popular Facebook app in the near future. It may have become quite obtrusive these days with its long list of gimmicky features and inconsistent user interface design, and frankly, a spring cleaning won't hurt.

Credits: Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane)

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