Poweramp Music Player beta Community Report 📲 POCOPHONE F1

Poweramp, being one of the greatest music players ever on Android, is continuously seeking more and more customizability options to offer to its users, so they can get the best accustomed to them experience out of it. The most recent update has a build number 3-build-811 with the following changelog to match:


  • new Background / Enable background option
  • new Library / Store/Restore Per Track Progress + Duration options
  • new Lockscreen / Shorter Timeout option
  • new Visualization / UI Timeout option
  • static waveseek bars color tuned
  • better USB DAC recognition on some devices
  • fixed cue + no track restart
  • translation updates - big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!
  • other bug fixes

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this report, we have gotten again some new options for adjusting, added inside of the settings menu.

Let's see what they are and where you can find them.

  1. Enable background option in the Background settings.

Disabling this turns off the background coloring derived from the album artwork of the currently playing track. As a result, you get a simple and black background.

  1. Store/Restore Per Track Progress + Duration settings in the Library section

  2. Shorter Timeout option inside the Lockscreen preferences

  3. UI Timeout setting in the Visualization options

Of course, this build also includes many bug fixes, enhancements, translation updates and an improved support for USB DACs (Digital-to-analog converters).

  • Poweramp is a powerful music player for Android
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