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Portrait mode, 'Charms', and numerous other features and changes that Snapchat has been working on

Snapchat.Inc has been developing a fair number of new features for their Android app, which we will share with you, besides the minor user interface tweaks that have been thrown in. We got our hands on some details in regards to some of the upcoming changes that will eventually come out to all users.

Portrait mode

There is not a lot of info, but guessing from the screenshots leaked on the Internet, portrait mode in Snapchat will allow you to blur the background portion behind a person on a photo just like in regular portrait mode photos, or either apply a color gradient effect.

Gridlines, timer, and batch capture mode

These new modes will be very easy to access and toggle on and off right from the camera UI, just like the portrait mode. Also, batch capture mode is just a renamed version of the standard burst mode that we are all familiar with as it has been available in many camera apps for decades so far.


Snapchat is indeed preparing something called 'Charms', which is going to give you details about yours and your friends' zodiac signs. Another interesting feature is 'Birthday Twins' - if one of your friends' and your birthdays are within a week or so, both of you will be reminded to celebrate together.

Updated navigation UI

The navigation bar at the bottom is going to get a revamp as well, with four buttons instead of the two that were there before, so it is going to be easier to open the Memories page and the map.

All of these were leaked by Jane Manchun Wong, who is a Twitter user. If you would like to, you can go and follow her to get other insights like the ones above even earlier.

Screenshots: Jane Manchun Wong

Source: Jane Manchun Wong

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