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PokerUp for Android is a great poker game for those who love gambling, do not want to take huge risks and would like to play all of the time on-the-go. The newest update for the app has been made available to the public and comes with small enhancements that may catch your fancy. Here we go first with the release notes from Google Play.

What’s new

Would you like to have power? Super strength or invisibility? It's better to establish an alliance. Saviors gathered in PokerUp Fix Union. Put 3D glasses on.

DAILY BONUS An evil Time Stealer was defeated. Users can see the time left to receive daily bonuses.

MORE EVENTS It's time to face Flat Calm. Heroes won! Be prepared for exciting events.

Caption! Put your glasses off. It was the first chapter. Remember, you don't need to have a supernatural power to be a hero.

Always Yours, PokerUp

As you can see, PokerUp version stable does indeed come with a timer to let you know exactly when your next daily bonus is going to be available. Check the banners at the top of the homepage. Besides, additional events are said to be coming soon, so hold your breath and wait patiently. Maybe, you may get to be the next poker champion.

You can install the game from the link below, and remember, TestingCatalog is your source for everything but Android apps and testing.

PokerUp on Google Play

  • PokerUp №1 application to play poker with friends in the world! Invite up to 3 people to the Texas holdem poker table
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