Podcast Player - Free beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

This update can be considered as a minor because it doesn't have a lot of new stuff. At the same time, these small and frequent updates are something that shows the difference between good app development process and the average. There two new features in this update v4.2.0.140.


  • Subscription categories filter added in [New episode notifications]
  • Custom view for better sharing of series, subscription category, playlist or topic
  • Bug fixes

The first feature brings an additional categorization to the subscription tab. This is a useful addition to users who have a lot of shows on their list. The subscription tab can be found by name "Shows" in the middle of the bottom nav bar. Subscription categories are located on the top and you can easily scroll them to the right and left. Apart from that, the user can opt-in to notifications about the new episodes during the subscription process. This check box is available on the subscription pop-up view.

The second feature is more interesting because it introduces a custom share dialog. The user can share the whole podcast series or single episodes. One of the advantages of the custom share dialog is that it has some additional settings. For example, you can manually adjust the play time of the episode from the dialog itself. Other users will start listening from the point you specified. This new addition is also interesting because the default share dialog which is provided by Android is super laggy sometimes. Many users are complaining about default share dialog and the custom solution is the best option for many apps for now.

Did you ever face an issue with the Android's share dialog?

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