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The latest version of Player FM - was released last week, with a plethora of changes, bug fixes and new features in tow.

Here's the official changelog:

  • Categories, Playlists (Premium only), Recently played in Android Auto
  • Faster details loading & categories/playlists switching
  • Create custom categories via the 3-dot button in Shows
  • Colored playback notifications for Oreo & newer OS
  • Download while roaming
  • Delete currently played episode
  • Updated tablet interface
  • Sync playback position of the current episode (Premium only)
  • Bookmarks creation & triple-click action added to headset controls (Premium only)
  • Bug fixes + more

Here are some of the free customisation options available:

  • Selectable themes (I love the Midnight one)
  • Auto downloading options - Always, Only when charging, Only on wi-fi, Only on wi-fi and charging
  • Automatic playback when headphones are connected - with both wired and wireless
  • and much more with their Premium subscription.

The Premium subscription includes:

  • Playlists back up
  • Full text search
  • Syncing across multiple devices and the web
  • Custom playlists
  • Taking notes with bookmarks
  • Customisable syncing settings
  • Personalized custom playback actions
  • Custom themes
  • Local audio and video playback support
  • Automatic downloads compression
  • No ads (of course)
  • VIP support

The things I'd like to see implemented/changed are:

  • Themeable and simpler pop-up menus
  • Smaller playback control buttons

I want to mention that I encountered two glitches:

  • After selecting a profile for signing in, the app was stuck on a white screen with the spinning logo for more than 5 minutes. To be able to pass it, I had to restart the app.
  • In the Shows tab there were two spinners.

Overall it's a great app that I have discovered recently. What are your thoughts on it? Do you have it installed and are you going to get the Premium subscription plan? Let me know in the comments down below.

  • Player FM is a free android podcast app that has over 300,000 shows all right at your fingertips
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