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Player FM is a podcast player app for our beloved Android OS. It has dozens of functions baked in, including theme support. Comes at a no cost with an optional upgrade, which brings further additions such as automatic backups, syncing across multiple devices, ad-free experience and a lot more. The newest update - version beta, to be precise, which has been released on Google Play, arrives with the following set of changes:


  • Intelligent "Adaptive" sync interval option
  • New setting to customize mark-played end zone
  • New Download Settings screen to manage subscriptions' download limits
  • Subscription categories filter added in [New episode notifications]
  • Android Pie (OS 9) compatibility
  • Improved and more efficient syncing
  • Switch episodes on full-screen player by tapping the next or previous artworks

"Adaptive" sync

It appears that "Adaptive" sync is an option for automation, which, when enabled, lets the app intelligently decide how often and when exactly to sync online content, depending on whether you are actively using your mobile device, or do not. If you would like to switch it on, please, head into the Settings tab, select Connection, then 'How often to update' and finally choose Adaptive from the menu that pops up next.

Mark as played when an episode ends

This is just another extra option that has been buried inside the Playback section of the Settings. It does indeed allow you to decide if an episode should be marked as played when it is completely finished, other than the previously available limits such as 10 seconds before the end, or so.

Manage subscriptions' download limits

You can manage how many new episodes you want the app to automatically download for each of your subscribed channels. Enter the Downloads section of the settings and after that select 'Subscription download limits' to adjust things according to your preferences.

Apart from the things we mentioned above and the enhanced efficiency for syncing, the added official support for Android 9 Pie devices is extremely beneficial, considering the number of new smartphones that are getting released running the latest OS, as well as the ones that got or will get updated.

Source: Google Play

  • Player FM is a free android podcast app that has over 300,000 shows all right at your fingertips
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