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Photoshop Express is a mobile app for Android made by Adobe and as the name suggests, it is a software for editing photos with an extensive amount of professional-grade tools and effects baked in. Version 5.7556 beta released on Google Play comes with new effects and extras as an addition to the already large variety of effects and tools that are available.


  • Blend your photos with creative textures and overlays.
  • Square aspect ratio for Instagram - Seamlessly share your images on Instagram without worrying about the 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • Support for Split Tone - Add different colours to the shadows and the highlights of an image to create a surreal effect.

Blend effects

Blend effects are creative textures and overlays that can be fine-tuned and put on top of your photos. Some of the included ones in this collection are light-leaks, bokeh, grunge. Of course, there are plenty more.

Square aspect ratio for photos

Instagram users should be quite happy to hear that the Photoshop Express app now has a built-in option for cropping pictures with an aspect ratio of 1:1 - widely adopted by one of the largest social media platforms in the world today.

Split Tone

Split Tone lets you apply different colors with custom opacity settings to create some stunning pictures with fancy color grading effects and ignite your creativity.

Make sure to try out the latest beta and get to be one of the first people to use these features, and share some amazing pics on Insta with your audience.

Source: Google Play

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