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Our TestingCatalog app for Android reached a whopping twelve thousand active users a month, so to celebrate this great achievement and show you that we appreciate your support, we wanted to give you an in-depth take at the features it has and how you can use them. This should help anyone who is new to testing applications.

To begin with, you may want to download and install the TestingCatalog app from Google Play, if you haven't already.

Upon installation, you get to sign in with your Google account to be able to access your previous and get to build up your ratings for testers on TestingCatalog or sign in anonymously.


The first option in the side menu and the page you get to when you open the app is the catalog. At the top portion of the screen are pinned six of the most popular beta apps in our collection. Tapping on the FAB button sorts applications according to their ratings, and tapping it again - by date, which is set by default.

Joining testing programs

Selecting any listed app from inside TestingCatalog gets you to the app details page, where you can find the OPT-IN and JOIN buttons, with the first one doing exactly what its name says, and the latter lets you join the Google+ group for the chosen application, if available. The FAB button there has options that let you launch the app, if you have it installed, open its corresponding page on Google Play and share it. If you have signed in anonymously, you can still opt-in to testing programs by selecting the JOIN button, which will redirect you to the Play Store page of any app where you can sign up.


Update notes for the applications in the catalog are being refreshed daily, so you never get to miss out on any important feature additions or changes.


Here are listed all of the apps that have an ongoing testing program in the Play Store that you happen to have installed on your Android device and you can easily opt-in to test them.


You can get to beta app listings based on the category that they fall into and choose accordingly, being it entertainment, games, social and much more, all from the side menu.

Guys, be sure to rate the TestingCatalog app on Google Play and let us know what we can improve regarding its design and functionality!

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