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These days virtual private networks are becoming more and more commonly used by people around the Internet space. The reason for that is that they do provide exceptional security and privacy measures that everyone is for sure in need of. Perhaps and most importantly VPNs can block tracking enforced by Internet service providers and nasty websites. Also, there are many other benefits of using a VPN service.

Opera had a completely free VPN service for Android, but it got discontinued a while ago, last April to be precise. Now they have come up with a sequel to it by adding a VPN built into their Browser app. The latest version 50 release for Opera Beta on Google Play brings this feature, although it is limited in terms of availability to some countries only. Sadly, we do not have a word by Opera on which countries are on that list.

The VPN settings inside Opera Beta for Android give you a couple of nifty options. The first one of them lets you set which continent you want your virtual location to be in (by default the 'Optimal' option is on). Another interesting one called 'Bypass VPN for search' lets search engines bypass the service so they can gather location and tracking data, which may ultimately lead to more relevant search results to be shown. You can also specify if you would like the VPN to be applied exclusively when your are browsing in Private mode.

Opera states that their VPN does keep logs, nor it collects user credentials. This means that any data that travels through their network servers do not leave traces at all, ensuring that you are 100% safe.

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Source: Opera Blogs

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