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NordVPN is one of a kind VPN app that aims to keep you safe from all types of privacy intruders and security threats. It works on all major mobile and desktop platforms and is extremely easy to set up and enable with a click of a button or a tap.

The NordVPN Android team continues to add improvements to the app and the latest ones come in the form of new language support and bug squashing altogether.

Here are the release notes for version 3.11.2 beta from the Play Store.


The app is now available in Arabic! Moonwalking backwards is cool. You know what’s not? The app displayed backwardly because of poor right-to-left support. We apologize our users who had terrible user experience and we’re making the app RTL-friendly with this release. Several weird and rare bugs were ghosting around. Not anymore. End of the story.

This is great news for all of our Arabic friends as the app now works in RTL (Right-to-left) mode as well. It has been greatly optimized but if you notice something that does not look right, be sure to report on the Play Store issue reporting form for beta testers.

You can sign up for testing by following the links in the box below.

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Source: Google Play

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