Niagara Launcher - fresh and clean Unreleased Community Report 📲 POCOPHONE F1

Niagara Launcher is, pretty much, a brand new launcher app which was released recently. We also did our first review/report for it, a little bit more than a week ago, so, you can check it out from here too.

What’s New

  • ✋ new app list design (no toolbar), optimized for one hand usage
  • added more animations to the scroll bar
  • Niagara’s wallpapers can be downloaded in settings

--- previous highlights ---

  • media player now should work with almost every app.
  • weather information on homescreen (can be enabled in settings, requires location access)
  • Google search integration (can be enabled in settings)

To begin with, the before mentioned 0.3 build update brings two noteworthy changes. The first one is the removal of the toolbar in the all apps page. Now, it looks much cleaner and simpler, without all of the distracting and unnecessary buttons and shortcuts at the top. The updated scrollbar animations now look much sleeker too. My only complaint here is that the alphabetical scrollbar isn't static. By static, I mean, it hovers from the far right edge to the left one and fully overlays on top of the app icons and names. I would like it to stick to the right edge and not move as much. For a reference, please, watch the attached video. If you would like to see some wallpapers, specially made for Niagara, there is a shortcut added. Some minor fixes have been made regarding music player controls too.

This was just an update with cosmetic changes, but it is for sure worth installing.

Share with us your home screen set-ups and tell us how you use the app. B-bye for now!

  • Niagara Launcher is a fresh homescreen that has a clean and minimalistic ui
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