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Unicode 11

WhatsApp Messenger, after the release of Unicode 11.0 back in June this year, finally joins the party of the first companies to include support for it in their proprietary software products. Version 11.0 is possibly the biggest improvement emojis have ever seen, with hundreds of new ones and many skin tone variants for those with faces. There are some interesting ones such as the raccoon, hippo, DNA and superhero/supervillain emojis. You can also check the full list of all of the additions to the Emoji 11.0.

Search for emojis

One weird thing that I came across with WhatsApp v2.18.349 beta is that the new emojis do not show up on my device. But to my surprise, there is a search option for emojis. You can find it in the emojis pane, where a magnifying glass icon is displayed on the bottom left and selecting it greets you with a search box.

Previews before forwarding messages

Spotted in WhatsApp beta for Android v2.18.325 beta is an option that lets you forward a message or a media file to two and more chats. Before doing the aforementioned action, it shows a preview screen, so you can confirm or cancel the operation.

Private replies

If there is something that you want to talk about privately with a particular participant in a group chat regarding a discussed topic and you do not want to involve the whole group, there is a new option for you. You can now long-press on a message in a group chat and select the 'Reply privately' entry. It will forward you to the chat page with the person and automatically quote the message that you want to reply to. It has been noticed in v3.18.335 beta.

The biggest improvement with the current wave of beta updates comes with the added support for Unicode 11 emojis, which will let you express yourself even better.

Source: Android Police and @WABetaInfo

  • WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones
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