Snapchat Beta for Android Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

Snapchat is actively working on the application redesign. The app is moving towards a simplification and performance improvements. The alpha release, which was only available to the root users at the beginning, now can be accessed by everyone. You can also become a Snapchat Alpha tester 👻 if you are not already.

Speaking of app distribution, if you are a beta tester for Snapchat, you will receive both Alpha and Beta client changes with every Google Play update. In the settings menu, you can easily switch between them. If you still have a stable release, you will receive both Stable and Alpha changes with every Google Play update (In this case you will receive them much later and less frequently).

But what happened with functionality? It didn't change a lot because you still have the same camera, editor, chat, discovery, Snapmap, profile and settings screens. But! There are a couple of new tiny changes and improvements.

Alpha version limitations:

  • Now you cannot log in if you have a root access on your device. The app will show an error message. I didn't try any additional tools which can hide root permissions but it will be a completely different story.
  • Snapcodes functionality is gone. Your profile doesn't have a Snapcode anymore and the option to add friends by Snapcode is gone as well. Well... I guess now it's you move Instagram.

New Alpha features:

  • Camera zoom from Snap filters. This might be not a new option but now, some users can see UI tip to zoom on top of masks. You can simply swipe up from the mask and zoom in. This action will capture a zoomed video which is very close to the boomerang effect from Instagram.
  • Voice filters. After capturing a video, you can now select a voice filter from the list. Previously, "voice changers" were a mask specific feature.
  • Camera switch icon. Now you can tap on the icon to switch the camera. Old option with double tapping on the screen also works.
  • Location updates. You may start receiving a notification from Snapchat in case if you traveled to the new location. This notification will open a Snapmap with your trip being highlighted.

I am 100% sure that there more - did you spot any other changes? Leave us a tip in that case or drop a comment!

  • If you are eager like us here at and you want to try out for yourself all of the upcoming features and changes, we have got you covered. Go ahead and learn "How to become a Snapchat beta tester on Android?"
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