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A new audio player called Music Meal just recently hit the shelves on the Google Play Store. Its greatest feature lets users create playlists from a multitude of online sources, e.g., YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc., and apart from that, background playback for YouTube also comes fully-baked in.

Play Store description

Audio Player allows you to create playlists from different sources - YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify or online radios links. Including the ability to play YouTube in background mode! So the default sharing options in said apps can be used to add music/videos to a playlist in Music Meal without having to leave the app you are in.

For starters, creating a playlist is dead simple, just like adding videos through links or via the sharing menus in other apps. There are also a handful of built-in themes that you can pick from, including a dark one. These were the good stuff. Now its time for things that need improvements. First and foremost, the UI is dated-looking and not quite easy to navigate or get ahold of. Second and last, the UI where there is a YouTube video playing, added through a link, is broken.

Those interested, be sure to test Music Meal thoroughly and report any issue directly on Google Play.

  • Audio Player allows you to create playlists from different sources
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