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A new, "unreleased" for now, application named "WIZT - Where is it?" by Helios Eos Pte Ltd has been released on the Google Play Store. It aims to become your own inventory book for everything in your home, so you never lose an item again. Also, it provides hosts of tools like creating labels, tags, etc. for all of your belongings (details below).


  • Detailed labelling system

Alas, you can name your stuff, add pictures, location data, trackable AR stickers and more. The options are there.

  • Search

With the included search functionality, you can quickly locate a particular item without having to wander.

  • Floor plans

The advanced floorplanning lets you add as many rooms as you wish, organize them to your heart's content and always know exactly where your objects are.

  • Location sharing

If you want to share with a friend or a family member per se where your phone charger is, WIZT has you covered.

WIZT happens to be a great organizer app for those looking for one. Its chic and minimal UI design, the location tagging feature, and the AR-incorporated stickers are just the bells and whistles of a unique app that is to be released soon.

You can go ahead and install WIZT from the Play Store link below. In addition to that, you can apply for beta testing from our app testing section below.

Source: TestingCatalog

  • Reimagine the way you organize and track every item in your home inventory
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