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This time I decided to make a short review for the last 10 Android apps in beta which we published recently. Some of them are super popular and some of them are not at all. At first - I opened our TestingCatalog App and OPT-INed to all 10 beta programs from there. Please keep in mind that Google Play still have this annoying bug which doesn't allow you to install apps immediately and you will have to wait for up to 4 hours to do so. With this being said - I just started this review on the next day.

TikTok Beta preview

I placed these apps on my own order based on their quality and value, here is my list:

1 TikTok Beta

This is simply the most popular app among the list and I was waiting for a long time to see their beta release channel (Thanks to Santanu Pramanik from our Android Beta Apps group on Telegram). It was not a surprise for me that this app will consume some of my time but I ended up thinking about posting TestingCatalog content to this social and stopped myself on preparing a content strategy. If you are in this app already - follow TestingCatalog over there. I will keep this app installed and it could happen that we will be posting there as well. I was also surprised to see a video by Arnold Schwarzenegger in my recommended feed so it is not just a teens-only platform if you think so. The app has a big list of different effects for video creation starting from AR objects and ending by glitch video effects. If you are up to social apps - this one is must-see for you!

2 Sesame Beta

I heard about this app when Lawnchair launcher got integration with Sesame search in one of their recent alpha builds. This apps request a lot of different permissions in order to provide you with in-app search functionality. Do you want to be able to search across your Telegram on Slack chats? This feature raises some huge concerns about privacy but it is totally up to your personal choice. You can easily control the number of permissions you give to this app. I personally find it very useful and brings on-device search to the next level. I am not a heavy search user and this the main reason why I wouldn't keep this app installed.

3 Infinite Korean Beta

In this app, you will need to learn the Korean language. The whole process is gamified. You start from numbers and then you will have to unlock other categories. It is very smooth and intuitive.

4 Morphin Beta

This app allows you to put your own face on popular meme gifs. The app implements a conversational chat UI which gives you an interesting onboarding experience. You will be asked to take a selfie which you will be able to apply to the list of different gifs. Initially, I put it down to the 7th place and moved up to the 4th because it is a well designed and still very new. If you wanna make a gif with your face instead of US president or a movie actor - give it a try.

5 Firefox Lockbox Beta

This app allows you to browse your Firefox password storage. If you are a FF user it might be a handy tool for you. I would probably keep the similar app for Chrome installed but Firefox I am using only for testing purposes.

6 My Passwords Beta

This is simply a one more local password manager with a good UI and set of features. The lack of permission to access the internet should give you a guarantee that your passwords will only stay on the device.

7 Zomato Beta

A popular food delivery app which is available in the big amount of countries.

Zomato is now available in over 10,000 cities across India, the USA, Australia, the UK, UAE, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Portugal, the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Chile, Italy, Lebanon, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Qatar. More locations coming very soon.

8 Portal Touch Unreleased

A simple puzzle game built on Unity. It lacks a proper tutorial because it is not clear what to do at the beginning. The amount of ads is quite high as well, they appear in places where they shouldn't be (like a back button). Hardware back button quits the game as well which is my favourite issue with unity games.

9 Posidon Launcher Unreleased

A very minimalistic launcher. This app is not native which makes it a bit slow. I wish it to be rebuilt on Java or Kotlin.

10 Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Beta

This is the last app in the list even if it is well developed compared to apps above. There are two reasons why I put it here - it is an antivirus which you don't need on Android device and it is a Kasperski software which I personally treat as a malware.

Sesame Beta, Infinite Korean Beta, Morphine Beta

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