TestingCatalog beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

This is a new type of posts which I want to try today. I added 4 Android apps and 4 Android games in beta to TestingCatalog and here is a list of them.

Android Beta Games:

First 3 games I stole from TheBetaFamily website. I think it worth having them in the catalogue - they are new and don't have a lot of installs. I think at least two of them are from the same developer. All 3 are quite casual but that is what we all play from time to time.

The last one is different - it was recommended to me via GooglePlay review with a 1-star rating (Which made it quite noticeable for me). In any case - it is an online MOBA game which I personally like so thanks to the reporter 👻

Android Beta Apps:

The first app is a famous Zello radio app - it can turn your phone into the radio phone and you will be able to use it when other communication channels are not available.

The second app was recommended by a friend of mine when I told him that I don't like how my voice sounds on the record. This is also one of the reasons why I still don't have a podcast 😅 However, this app didn't make the situation better. But it worth saying that it can be beneficial for singers because it can make the voice sound better (and a bit robotic).

This app is a music quiz game. You need to listen to music, make a bet and you can win money if you guessed it right. I didn't try it myself yet but it was shared in our FaceBook group by the app developer and he is looking for testers!

The last one - it is a recommendation by our fellow reader Ivan Ivanov. This is a Windows Mobily style launcher with a good rating.

Do you know any other apps you want to suggest? Tip us! Happy Testing!

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