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Total Commander is an ad-free and feature-packed file manager for Android. It supports a large variety of actions like renaming, deleting, drag & drop for moving and copying items, root access-enabled browsing, file transfers over a network, and much more.

The initial beta, version 3.0b1 to be exact, for the upcoming 3.0 release comes along with the following additions:


  • Unpack rar5, 7z, tar, gz, z, bz2, arj, lzh, iso, img, cab in addition to zip and rar

  • Multi-rename tool: To use it, select at least one file or folder

  • Compare by content (via context menu): Select exactly 2 files

As noted, Total Commander now supports unpacking more archive types. Not only that, but it introduces a Multi-rename tool, and as the name suggests, it can be used to rename multiple files at once. Though, keep in mind that Multi-renaming is still in experimental stages, so your files may get damaged. And last, the Compare by content feature indeed allows for comparing two files and can be enabled after selecting and long-pressing at least on one of them.

The improvements added in v3.0b1 are all in all nice, but the UI of the app needs some major re-work to be done.

If you cannot download the app from Google Play for some reason, we got you covered. You can get the proper APK file compatible with your device's CPU architecture from APK Mirror

Source: Google Play

  • Android version of the desktop file manager Total Commander
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