Lawnchair Launcher beta Community Report 📲 POCOPHONE F1

Lawnchair v2 is in the works and we got many alphas to test. I am personally testing it on my Huawei P8 and I'm looking forward to the official stable release. Here's my two cents:


Simply amazing! The Pixel Launcher style is my current favorite and Lawnchair does it even better. There are some things I'd like to see implemented and I am going to mention them later in the review.


Here I have some problems. My P8 on Android 6.0 is fast enough but I'm seeing too many dropped frames when switching between the home screen and the app drawer. It's not so prominent on LOS 14.1 on my phone. Maybe it's an Android thing. Also, the About section in the settings is very laggy. Otherwise, everything else is fine.

Bugs / Force closes

  • The "At a glance" and Pill widgets preview in the settings doesn't register any changes.

  • Lawnchair crashes when the Accent color option is pressed. Here is the log: Logcat

  • Crash when Notification dots is selected: Logcat

  • Crash in the About section when you tap on a contributor's name: Logcat

  • If the Black or Dark theme is on, a black background and dark status bar icons are being shown when entering the settings. Later, it switches to the corresponding themes UI.

Feature requests

I have some feature requests and if added, I can make the switch from Nova Launcher Prime to Lawnchair, more precisely, a gesture to swipe up an app icon/shortcut on the home screen to open a different app or a shortcut.

Here are some other requests I have:

  • Dynamic clock and Calendar icons support
  • Separate app drawer grid size settings
  • Custom accent colors with HTML or RGB values support
  • Uninstall app shortcut in the pop-up menu showing up when long pressing on an app icon/shortcut/widget
  • Custom app drawer background color and Google search bar color settings
  • Import settings from other launchers
  • Fully transparent nav bar in the app drawer - I don't like it being semi-transparent.
  • Set any page as a default home screen, with keeping the order set by the user

Overall, Lawnchair v2 is going to be one of the best launcher apps available on Android and by every new update, it impresses me even more. I hope I will win the competition.

PS: I would like to see Bulgarian added on Crowdin so I can translate the app.

  • Lawnchair, bringing Pixel Features to the masses
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