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MS Launcher's first new major release is now ready to be tested, after the inevitable need to switch away from Google+ to Microsoft's own Tech community for beta testers, guessing that you know what is going on with G+ at the moment. Perhaps, let's get straight to the details about Microsoft Launcher 5.3.0 beta, shall we?

What's new

  • Time/Weather widget redesign. Now you can have multiple widgets in multiple sizes in multiple styles for multiple locations! Also, check out the updated and more detailed L2 page with an hourly and 10-day forecast.
  • UX refinements to the Home Screen, Dock and Search widget
  • Tasks card now supports "My Day" from Microsoft To-Do
  • News tab now supports "Technology" as a news interest
  • Font type changed from Segoe UI to Roboto
  • Work profile customers can now get access to their work apps
  • Beta community link in Settings changed to lead to Microsoft Tech Community

As you can see from the quite lengthy changelog, there are lots of improvements made in this beta.

The first and most notable facelift done has to do with the built-in weather widget. It now supports a one-line layout similar to Google's 'At a glance' widget when the size is set to small. On the contrary, when it gets sized up in terms of height, the widget switches to a two-column style. The other news about it is that you can now place multiple weather widgets for different cities. How useful?!

Putting up the widget stuff aside, there have been some tiny UI enhancements to the homescreen UI, dock and search widget (shapes can be changed) and the default font used by the launcher has been set to Roboto - Android's default one.

Lastly, there are now links in the settings of the app pointing out to Microsoft's Tech community section for their launcher, where you can also ask questions and get assistance regarding any possible issues and if necessary, of course.

Check out Windows Central's Senior Editor Zac Bowden's tweet and his opinion about the latest MS Launcher update.

Okay, so you can go ahead and sign up for beta testing MS Launcher from the link below and also visit its dedicated community forum for all things related.

Microsoft Launcher beta sign up

Source: Microsoft Tech community

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