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Moon+ Reader is a powerful ebook reader for Android giving you access to thousands of free books online. Not only that, but it supports locally stored books in close to a dozen formats too, so you get to bring your own library with you wherever you go all the time.

Its most recent update has been released a couple of days ago bumping the version to 4.5.6 stable and comes with a pretty lengthy changelog indeed. But first, let's go through the whole list and then continue with our feature overview for some of the more worthy changes.


  • Show reading time & speed of each day in book information dialog
  • Optimize text search toolbar, add return button
  • Allow changing book location in my shelf if book saved folder changed
  • Add "Select all" to Recent list
  • New Options "Use latest highlight style for text selection"
  • Fix PDF page turning failed issue in landscape mode
  • Language package update: Russian, German and Italian

Reading time and speed

The app can display the reading time and speed in the book info dialog. To access this dialog, open a book and tap on its title. It is always nice to see interesting stats like these.

'Select all' in the Recent list

There is a new option in the Recent list page that allows you to select all books at once and import, delete or read them in a sequence. You only have to hit the three-dot menu key and there it is. My suggestion for this one would be to highlight the selected books in the start page of the Recent list too because there is no way of discerning the selected books from the unselected ones.

Language updates

Updated have been Russian, German and Italian translations throughout the app. If you notice any mistake in your own language, you can submit info about it on the Play Store listing page for Moon+ Reader.

Honestly, the settings and options in the app are all over the place. I would hope for a better-categorized settings menu and options in other places.

Install Moon+ Reader from the links below. Also, make sure to become a beta tester and get every new feature ahead of its official release date.

Source: Google Play

  • Innovative book reader with powerful controls & full functions
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