Telegram Beta - Pure instant messaging Community Report 📲 POCOPHONE F1

Hello folks! Today were are presenting a new concept/topic. We made a list of features that we think should be added to Telegram for our beloved OS - Android. Be sure to read the whole list and share your feature requests so we can include them in the September edition. The original list has been created and maintained by the Telegram user Gensetti and here is our take on it:

  1. Set old profile pictures as current
  2. Forward as a copy
  3. Log in with more than 3 accounts
  4. Automatic data saver
  5. More options for passcode locks (pattern, gesture, face unlock)
  6. Ability to directly set up every locking method without starting with a PIN or a password
  7. Enable/disable passcode invisibility
  8. Enable/disable Bubbles (and the ability to set bubbles mode only for chats or channels)
  9. Previews for text size options
  10. More built-in themes
  11. An easier way of testing themes
  12. Reduce motion option or no animations settings with a proper description
  13. Enable/disable swipe to reply/share
  14. Enable/disable hiding keyboard on chat scroll
  15. Customize markdown settings
  16. Open all supported links in Instant View
  17. Enable/disable incognito keyboard in secret chats
  18. Enable/disable HQ Round Videos
  19. Enable/disable shooting Round Videos with the rear-facing camera
  20. Enable/disable prompt before calling
  21. Different forwarding behavior
  22. 'Select' option by tapping a message
  23. 'Share' button when long clicking on a URL
  24. 'View message' button in a preview for links containing a picture
  25. Camera button in chats to quickly shoot and send a photo
  26. Sort chats by cache size in Storage Usage
  27. Share, archive or copy sticker packs links by tapping on a sticker in a chat
  28. "Save to gallery", "Save GIF" and "Show in chat" options in full-screen GIFs; "Show in chat" for images in full-screen
  29. Scrolling right and left in full-screen GIFs to navigate between all GIFs in a chat
  30. Rotate videos before sending
  31. Full-screen preview (with a long tap) for GIFs (saved and inline)
  32. Multi-threaded downloads toggle
  33. 'Copy link' and 'Share' options for usernames, group chats, and channels
  34. Double timestamps (action timestamp and message timestamp) in recent actions
  35. 'Clear cache' for a singular media type
  36. Toggle for 'Delete for the other side' to be on by default
  37. Option to call with the Phone app or Telegram when 'Call' is chosen for Shared Contacts
  38. See unread messages for other accounts
  39. Quick toggle in the side menu to switch on Night Mode
  40. Mute/unmute a chat without opening it
  41. Choose separate themes for all accounts
  42. Hold on an account to preview chats and sign out, without going online
  43. Re-order accounts
  44. Real-time distance between you and the other party when sharing live locations to each other
  45. Expand notifications to see pictures and stickers
  46. Emoji skin tone settings
  47. Hold a pinned chat & swipe up or down to change its position
  48. Phone numbers highlighted in texts
  49. Preview images and GIFs before sending in the inline bot results
  50. Hold or tap on a chat profile picture to open it
  51. Options to choose between 'None', 'All' and 'Non-muted' for badges
  52. Chat Admins can dismiss pinned messages only for themselves
  53. Undo pinned message dismiss via the three-dot menu
  54. People suggestions in the 'Calls' page
  55. Preview a private group chat when you open an invite link
  56. Clickable links/usernames in bios
  57. A total number of contacts
  58. Select and report multiple messages at once
  59. 'Message not found' toast message after clicking on a deleted posts link
  60. Quick actions for media and video previews in the 'Shared Media' page
  61. Images in link previews show the original URL
  62. Size and download percentage info while downloading files
  63. Show the exact number of members for groups and channels with more 1.000 members/subscribers
  64. Zoom while drawing on a picture
  65. Enable/disable pinned message notifications for individual chats
  66. Ability to directly invite back to a channel/group when unbanning a user
  67. Ability to remove from a user from groups without banning
  68. 'Inactive group' status for groups
  69. A confirmation dialog before resetting the notification settings

We just want to remind you to share with us your requests so we can forward all of them to Telegram's dev team and share this article with your friends.


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