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The Edge browser from Microsoft on its beta channel got a new update released, with the exact version number being dated from October 3, 2018. It packs a new feature called Visual Search, support for favorite folders and some handy shortcuts we will dive into later in the article.


With this release you can create new favorite folders and reorder your favorites, press and hold buttons in the bottom bar to see quick actions, swipe left/right to navigate pages in the tab history. Have you tried Visual Search?

Tip: Tap the camera icon in the search box and snap a photo (or use one from your camera roll) to search, shop and learn more.

Visual Search

Visual Search is a way of searching the Internet by scanning pictures. This way you can look up items that you do not know their names, need more information about, or if you want to buy something. Just long-press on an image from the web and you will be greeted with an option named 'Search Bing for this image' and you will get search results right away. You can also tap on the camera icon in the search bar to quickly snap a photo and scan it, or upload one from your gallery. Some other good news for you is that this works with Google search too.

A tip: You can set Google as a default search engine from Settings - Default search engine.


You can press and hold on the back, forward, tabs and menu keys in the bottom navigation bar for quick access to a couple of useful shortcuts. By holding your finger on the back and forward buttons, you get a list of your previously visited sites. Long-pressing on the tabs button reveals the following options: New tab, New InPrivate tab, Close tab and Close all tabs. Performing the same action on the menu button only shows the menu. It would make a world of difference if releasing your finger on top of an action inside it would actually trigger it, just like Chrome does.

Favorite folders

In this version, you can categorize your bookmarks into folders and reorder them from the Favorites page, which you can access by hitting the star icon with the three horizontal lines in the action bar. After you add a website to your favorites, press and hold on it and tap 'Select'. Then hit the rectangle with an arrow inside next to the delete button to move it to a folder of your choice.

Navigate between pages in the History tab

Swiping left and right between pages in the History tab has been enabled in this release, which indeed is another simple, yet effective UX improvement.

To sum it up, Microsoft Edge seems to be getting some practical enhancements bit by bit, which are small steps in the right direction to make it a challenging competitor to Google Chrome in the Android world of browsers. What are your thoughts about the path Edge is following? Please, share them with us.

  • Microsoft Edge, now available on Android, creates one continuous browsing experience for Windows 10 users across their devices
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