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LinkedIn is an app, which helps people find jobs, and companies hire staff very conveniently. There have been nearly a dozen design changes and feature leaks regarding LinkedIn for Android, all courtesy of Jane Manchun Wong.

Okay, so, let's go through the upcoming UI redesigns:

  • New search results page

The new UI in the search results page moves out some of the filtering options right below the search bar, changes the icons in the action bar, and adds an additional FAB search button.

  • A redesigned UI for pages

This one borrows some of the interface stylings from the Facebook app. There are indeed four tabs on every page - HOME, ABOUT, LIFE, and JOBS, instead of the old three tabs (OVERVIEW, JOBS, and LIFE).

  • Job listing UI refresh

Job listings are following the same compact interface design used in pages, with larger buttons, and company logos on the left.

  • Tabbed profile view

Here we get to see a new tabbed view, dividing profile information into two tabs in total - LATEST (ACTIVITY) and EXPERIENCE.

  • Updated post composing UI

The post composing page is just another example of the undergoing design philosophy changes. It is more on the minimalistic side now, with larger and centered action buttons, which are lesser than in the old UI.

Leaked are also the following new features:

  • Adjusting personal demographic information

This section will let users selectively decide what kind of personal info about themselves to be visible to others, e.g. gender, race, disability, veteran status, etc. It will be accessible from the Privacy tab inside the settings.

  • New job listings count

LinkedIn will count how many jobs were displayed in your recent job listing searches.

  • Location sharing in messages

  • GIF comments

  • Reactions

The initially included reaction options, kindly copied from Facebook's reaction for posts, are: 'Like', 'Clap', 'Insightful', 'Hmm', and 'Support'.

On a side note, we are actually covering news for LinkedIn for the first time ever. Let us know below your thoughts on it, and if you are excited about the leaked improvements that will eventually come, that you read about just now.

Credits: Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane)

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