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Instagram, now owned by Facebook, is known for proving constant updates to the user interface of its Android app. Now that they've got dark mode out the door, they are focusing on other usability improvements.

Discovered by a Twitter user @Satyam_sinha, the Instagram app has got a freshly redesigned UI for the DM section that is currently in testing.

The overhauled direct messages page, shown in the screenshots below, moves away from the gray chat bubbles to blue-colored ones. Additionally, the outlined input box at the bottom gets replaced with a solid light gray background. This is certainly a subtle change, but it is welcome nonetheless as it easily and rightfully steers the attention away from the input box to the messages instead.

Do note that these changes are not exclusive to beta users as reported, but rather they are controlled by a server-side switch. Though, if you are considering becoming an alpha or a beta tester for Instagram, you can do so by following our in-depth guide over at TestingCatalog.

How to get Instagram Alpha (or Beta) for Android

Credits: @Satyam_sinha_

  • Instagram is a platform, where you can share your life with the ones you love and value the most. It is used by more than 1 billion people around the world, and the community grows rapidly.
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