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Google released a new Chrome Beta update bumping the version number to 69.0.3497.41. It adds a new feature, which shows a button to fill in a text box with your credentials. There is a key icon shown above the keyboard when you type. The settings also got a revamp. Now, the font is smaller and there are no dividers to be seen.

As some of you already know, Material Design 2 is the successor to the original Material Design - a design language introduced by Google in 2014 in parallel with the debut of Android 5.0 Lollipop. The 2nd iteration is still in the works, but you can test and see how it looks on Chrome Beta right now.

To achieve that, you will need to enable close to a dozen flags, but we promise - it is worth the effort. You can open this article on your Android device and long click on the hyperlinks with # signs to copy the direct flag addresses and enable them directly, without the need to search for every single one of them. Here are the flags needed and a brief info about what each of them does:

Enable new contacts picker


Enable new Photopicker


Chrome Duet

Enables Chrome Duet, split toolbar Chrome Home...


Chrome Modern Design

Enable modern design for Chrome. Chrome must be restarted twice for this flag to take effect.


Chrome Modern Alternate Card Layout

Enable the alternate card layout for Chrome Modern Design.


Chrome Modern Full-Roll

Enable modern full-roll animation for Chrome.


Force Enable Home Page Button

Displays a home button if enabled.


Enable NTP Button

Displays a New Tab Page button in the toolbar if enabled.


Material Design Incognito NTP

If enabled, the Incognito New Tab page uses the new material design with a better readable text.


Make New Tab Page Snippets more visible.

If enabled, the NTP snippets will become more discoverable with a larger portion of the first card above the fold.


Modern NTP layout

Show a modern layout on the New Tab Page.


Simplified NTP

Show a simplified New Tab Page.


Google G in New Tab Page omnibox

Show a Google G in the omnibox on the New Tab Page.


Enable custom context menu

Enables a new context menu when a link, image, or video is pressed within Chrome.


Enable download home v2

Enables the new UI for download home.


New Media Controls

Enables the new style native media controls.


Enable horizontal tab switcher


Use all upcoming UI features


Feel free to try and customize these to your liking and don't forget to share this article on your social media.

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