Facebook beta for Android Community Report 📲 POCOPHONE F1

Here we are with a new TestingCatalog-special summary list of Facebook-related leaks gathered by Jane Manchun Wong. This month under preparation there are so many new interface refreshes as well as hidden features, all exposed by the famous reverse-engineering guru. Please, have a look.

Interface changes

  • A new more vibrant logo
  • A new round app icon
  • New colorful and round notification icons with gradients
  • A unified UI style for events and places
  • 3D photo page refinements
  • An onboarding screen for job groups (Job groups are like WhatsApp Business.)
  • A different Facebook Dating welcome screen
  • Facebook Explore to be a part of the search page
  • New reaction animations

New features

  • A Favorites list for sending stories similar to Instagram's Close Friends list
  • Topics/questions for followers of pages; apparently, to boost interaction
  • Friends list sorting (three options: default, by newest and oldest)
  • Trending stickers tab
  • Feed Stickers pack - to be used exclusively in the feed
  • Meet New Friends - a friend recommendation system based on your workgroup, the place you live, etc.
  • Photo Booth camera mode - shows a countdown and takes multiple shots
  • Pinning songs to your profile
  • Swipe up gesture to open the comments section in the work-in-progress stories+feed UI

It appears that Zuckerberg's team has been busy working on getting the brand new design philosophy announced by the company for prime time. In addition to that, features like Photo Booth, song pinning, and sorting in the friends list are the highlights, though, as usual with leaks, there is not a certainty whether those will see the light of day or not.

Credits: Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane)

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