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Hire is a Google-powered recruiting tool aimed at helping small and medium businesses find some "fresh meat". It was launched last summer with a PWA (Progressive Web App) available too, and now, the Android app has also entered the Play Store listing as an unreleased application.

Hire is indeed a very useful tool as it has a very tight G Suite integration, thus providing tools like automatic Gmail and Google Calendar syncing. Other features included are outputting data to Sheets, AI-powered interview scheduling, auto-highlight in resumes, and a 'click to call' functionality. You can learn more about them from here.

You need to sign up for the demo version of Hire from this link, after which you will get a confirmation email. It will ask you to schedule a call with Google team and you will have to go through this process for now in order to get an access to the app. To get access to the pre-release version for Android, you can subscribe by using TestingCatalog's Hire beta sign-up page.

Source: Android Police

  • Hire is an easy-to-use recruiting application that helps small to medium organizations to distribute jobs, identify and attract candidates, build strong relationships, and efficiently manage the interview process
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