Lawnchair Launcher beta Community Report 📲 POCOPHONE F1

As it is April 1st today, the Internet space is going crazy with all sorts of jokes and pranks around. Logically, the Lawnchair Launcher team has also hidden something inside the most recent 1056 alpha build of the app, which by the way, you can grab from their Lawnchair - Releases channel on Telegram. Back on topic, on this date, the app has been set to switch its typeface to the old-school Comic Sans, which has initially been intended to be used for writing children's books, so you get it, right?

Earlier, last week to be precise, @wongmjane has discovered the inclusion of Comic Sans inside Lawnchair, though, the purpose for that is different than what she has thought that it would be, thus not for accessibility reasons. You can check out her tweet for reference.

If you like the looks of Lawnchair in conjunction with Comic Sans, you should totally post your home screen setups on Twitter and tag @lawnchairapp. On the contrary, if you hate Comic Sans, you can easily disable it without having to wait until the day after April 1st. To do so, just enter Lawnchair's settings, hit the three-dot menu up top and select 'AFD / ON'. That's it!

It is always good to see jokes being made from time to time to reminds us that, at the end of the day, behind all those screens we are all human beings, not robots, per se. If you liked Lawnchair's prank, give them some love by sharing your homescreen setup and watch out for other jokes on the web, because there are and will be so many.

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