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If you have noticed, we have not mentioned the "Go" word anywhere in the title of this article. Why? Because the formerly known as "Files Go" app has indeed been rebranded as just "Files", plus it has gotten a complete UI redesign, which borrows some visual aesthetics from Google's other apps for Android, thus opting for a nearly colorless look, with white backgrounds all over the place. These design choices do actually resemble the Material Design 2 guidelines, also known as Material Theming. All of these radical changes can be seen in version 1.0.220185905 stable and above of the Files app, and here is the official changelog confirming them, released on the Google Play Store:


  • New app design
  • Minor bug fixes

Starting from the action bar, the app name is now laying exactly in the middle of it, right next to the app icon. Cards throughout the app have been updated and they have even rounder edges and use action buttons with bolder text and matching icons. A third separate tab for sharing has been added too because this is one of the key features of the app. It lets you share files between Android devices without requiring a working Internet connection.

There is a new side panel included with your device's name that is being displayed while sharing files (it can be edited), information about how many friends you have helped to (by sharing the Files app with them), the amount of space saved and the number of your share recipients. This panel houses the button to access the app settings, something very important, and it has been changed up quite a bit like the other aspects of the user interface. We do actually have a new icon without the "Go" moniker to accomplish the rebranding and everything, I guess, looks even more minimalistic.

As we have already heard by Google, gradually, they will be adding a dark mode to all of their apps as they did with YouTube and others, so we may certainly see it in Files pretty soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

Source: Google Play

  • Files Go Beta helps clean up space on your phone and keeps it organized
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